Ca’ Marcello | Visit the Venetian Villas

Ca’ Marcello was always a private home, a place of glamour and elegance, always open to convivial pleasure and at the same time a warm welcoming home. Count Vettor Marcello and his family live here now, happily opening its doors to whoever those who wish to appreciate it’s refined splendour.

Welcome to Ca’ Marcello!

The house was built in the 16th century by the noble Venetian family Marcello and it is one of the most esteemed examples of Palladian style villas.
Through the centuries the family members have enriched the villa with treasures, from magnificent paintings and frescoes to objets d’art and rare pieces of furniture.

In addition to the artistic heritage, the guests can enjoy the warm welcoming feeling of this loved and lived in home: Count Vettor Marcello and his family live here all year round, happily opening its doors to those who wish to appreciate its refined splendour.

How to visit

Private visits in the company of the owner can be booked for a minimum of 20 people.
Dining options: a light refreshment, a light lunch (buffet) or a private lunch (seated and served) can be arranged upon request after the visit.

Venetian Villas – tour suggestions

Today, a tour of the Venetian Villas reveals a fascinating world, full of splendid frescoes, objects d’art and centuries-old parks. Visiting this heritage lets you discover engaging secrets and curiosities that tell the ‘villa lifestyle’ and the development of a phenomenon that has profoundly changed the Venetian mainland landscape.

Services and utilities

A list of services and contacts of professional suppliers in the area that can help you to plan your group visit to Ca’ Marcello and to the Veneto region.

Ostiglia cycle and pedestrian route

This route, also known as Treviso-Ostiglia, runs along the countryside in the middle of the Veneto region. A former military railway line, bombed during the Second World War, has been turned into a suggestive route that allows you to discover Ca’ Marcello in a different, nature-friendly way.