Statues of Ca’ Marcello

Static attendance during the day and mysterious figures after sunset, the many statues dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the Ca’ Marcello’s historical park, represent characters from different cultures and traditions. Walking through the long paths of the park, you can admire the series inspired by mythology greek-Roman and the four seasons, the ‘grotesque’ and the neoclassical statues. There are also numerous decorative sculptures that enrich the stone heritage of Ca’ Marcello.

Mythological theme

The statues of Ca’ Marcello represent various ancient myths that remind moral virtues, vices and impossible loves, in a tangle of fascinating stories and immortal characters. The strong Hercules controls the entrance, in the English park you can meet Diana, unquestionable lady of the forest, and in the Italian garden there are four mythological representations, from Apollo and Marsyas to Zephyr and Flora.

Fable theme

Extravagant figures surprise you through the winding paths of the romantic park. These bizarre presences were wanted by the owner who desired to follow the fashion of the time: a group of dwarves representing an eighteenth-century nobleman with his wife and their entourage, and a monkeys orchestra ready for the concert.

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Allegoric theme

The allegorical statues in the park show the main feautures of the villa, a place linked to agriculture and summer resort. At one of the entrances guests are welcomed by the sculpture and painting, while in the park returns twice the theme of the four seasons.

Venetian masks

Complete the stone heritage of the park, many Venetian masks representing guilds’s members of arts and crafts which were distinguished by the clothing and accessories for each activity.